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Aftercare Services

Your personal Concierge assistance

Welcome to our VIP members community.

Now that we have settled you, allow us to provide continued support and exemplary service. Our VIP services offer an array of indulgent services that will ensure your stay in St. Lucia is inclusive,convenient and decadent.


After Care Services Include but are not limited to:

Unlimited Help Desk Service

We are available to answer any questions about your move, settling in or living well.

Discount on Relocation Packages including End of Contract Services

30% off your end of contract move as you return to your home country or wherever your next assignment may be.

Complimentary Event Passes

Our culture thrives on "fetes" and "liming". Our community will ensure there is always a social gathering that you are welcomed to attend. This is your ticket.

Personal Shopping Services
From private jewelry showings to courier services. Tell us your need and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Staycation planning Assistance

St. Lucia is home to some of the most exquisite hotels. While you live here, take advantage of residency rates especially in the "low season" We will help you plan!

Kiddies Concierge

School Bus Services, Reduced rates for Summer Camp Activities, Babysitters club Membership, Playdates and Activities

Complimentary Airport Transfers

If you are traveling for business allow us to organize your airport transfers.

Beyond the Passport Services

How can you earn citizenship in St. Lucia? Or if you are already one of our global citizens how can we help you feel more connected? Our Beyond the Passport Services will answer both questions

Bespoke Request

Is there something special that you would like us to curate for you? Let us know

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